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The Iranian Academy of Arts is holding a workshop on the basics of music for journalists and critics with the participation of two professors in the field of music and communication.


"Animation and everyday life; From the Perspective of Cultural Studies »is a research work written by Mohammad Ali Safoura, a member of the faculty of Tarbiat Modares University, which deals with television animation in Iran.


Manouchehr Valizadeh, dubbing director and veteran speaker, asked head of Radio and Television Organization (IRIB): "Young people enter dubbing with the hope that you have the air for them."


Registration for the 15th Al-Jalal Storytelling Course has begun. This course is held online with the participation of young writers from all over the country.

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Visual Arts

The Safavid era is one of the brightest periods of Islamic art in Iran. The painting achievements of Herat and Kamaluddin Behzad schools reached their peak in this period and then with the advent of Isfahan school, the art of painting was permanently released from the shackles of writing and became independent.


The meaning of art and its definition have been researched and studied in different ways and in terms of different systems of thought and worldviews, and there is a lot of material in this field. Philosophers, aestheticians, historians, archaeologists, anthropologists, and finally art critics, in turn, have looked at the issue from their own perspectives and tried to find a way.


Art has a history as old as humanity. The art history of nations is a diagram of their talents, abilities, ideas, perseverance, perseverance and endurance.